​​Judicial Resolutions Colorado

These are actual quotes about JUDICIAL RESOLUTIONS

“I have always had good experiences with JRC.  They are very conscientious.  They get cases settled quickly and cost-effectively."

"I like it that they don't charge admin fees or travel ti​me."

"It's easy and fast to schedule with Judicial Resolutions as compared to other groups who seem too busy .  If you decide to mediate, you don't want to have to wait months for the settlement conference to be scheduled."

"John Coombe's expertise in intellectual property was essential."

"Nesa Hassanein is very experienced in business and employment law matters."

"Gene McGuire is professional, persistent and effective.”

"Judge Tom Ossola is so well-respected and very experienced.  What an addition to JRC!"

“Gene does a great job of getting the people moving.  He does not ponder.  He has a creative way of settling cases.”

"Tom Ossola does not give up--he urges the parties to keep going until they settle or reach a true impasse.  Then he follows up after that."

“Gene is a very down to earth individual.  He has an authoritative presence, but you don't feel intimidated by him.  He goes to bat for the clients.”

“Jim Lapin is a great addition.  He brings the experience of both plaintiff and defense lawyer in personal injury cases and is a very skilled in family law matters, having represented both husbands and wives."

“They are very good.  They don't stall.  They get the job done unless one party is just being intransigent.”

"How can you find experience like Phillips and Rice have?"

"The JRI panelists come prepared.  Unlike some mediators, they have studied the confidential settlement statements and documents, which the lawyers and clients have spent significant money and time preparing." 

JRC-THE Alternative in ADR