​​Judicial Resolutions Colorado


Fees are usually charged at the rate of $100-$200/hour/party/side.  A deposit is required at the time of scheduling and ranges from $750-$2,000 per party/side.

The actual fee and deposit depend on the particular case, the expertise required, the amount in controversy, the specific arbitrator or mediator, the time required for preparation, and the anticipated length of the mediation or arbitration.  This will be discussed with the parties and a mutually acceptable fee will be agreed upon at the time of scheduling.

There is a minimum fee of the deposit quoted at the time of booking. Time required in excess of the deposit will be billed at the specified rates.  

Travel (in excess of one hour) is usually charged at 3/4 the regular rate.   

Deposits are due when the matter is scheduled.  Additional fees and expenses are due when billed and incur a late payment fee of 1.5%/month if unpaid. The attorneys are responsible for fees, expenses, and costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.  

If written notice of cancellation/continuance is received at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled hearing or conference, parties will be charged for any preparation time already incurred plus $300/party.  

If a scheduled matter is canceled or continued within 10 days of the scheduled hearing/conference and the time reserved cannot be rebooked, the full amount of the deposit will be charged.   If fewer than all parties agree to the cancellation or continuance, the canceling/continuing party will be responsible to the other parties for any forfeited deposit.