​​Judicial Resolutions Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a matter?

If all parties have already agreed to mediate or arbitrate, simply call us to discuss availability, preferred dates, and locations.  If you want our assistance in obtaining the agreement of others or want to discuss how you might handle a particular case or claim, just call Gene McGuire at 303-884-7450 or 970-926-6236.

How much does a typical mediation cost and how long does it take?

A typical mediation costs $750-$1,500/party depending upon the particular case and the amount in controversy.  Some disputes can be settled in ½ day.  We settle over 95% of the matters referred to us. There is no administrative fee unlike some ADR firms.

How much does a typical arbitration cost?

We charge a deposit of $3,000-$5,000 per day for arbitration depending on the particular case, the amount in controversy and the arbitrator.  Many arbitrations are completed in one day.

Do you charge for travel time?

There is no travel charge for local full-day cases.  If travel greater than one hour is required, we charge only 3/4 our regular rate.

Is there a Cancelation or Continuance Fee?

If a matter is canceled or continued within 14 days of the scheduled hearing and the time cannot be rebooked, the deposit may be forfeited depending upon all circumstances.  The reason for this is that the mediator/arbitrator's time has been scheduled and probably cannot be rebooked.

Who is responsible for the payment of the deposit and fees?

The attorneys are ultimately responsible for the deposit and fees. The agreement to render services is between JRC and the attorney of each of the participating parties. Therefore, attorneys are responsible for payment of their clients’ share of mediation costs by the date due and are advised to pre-collect the projected fees prior to the Cancellation & Continuance date.  JDC is not responsible for obtaining payment from individual or business clients of attorneys. 

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